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Maybe you can have some fun with this. The fashion of the 20’s for men was classic but definitely not boring. Many designers and stylists use inspiration from the period and elements today to make huge fashion statements. Maybe you can find some inspiration here to make your own.

Men's grooming:
Men's hairstyles back in the 1920s were simple short and clean cut. The hair was slicked back for formal or dressy occasions. The top layers were left longer, but they were combed back and greased with tonic to provide a sophisticated look. The sideburns were very short. Most men wore their hair with a center part. If you were really daring you would have a side part.
Because looking young and healthy was in fashion most men were clean shaven. Some men had a mustache but it was then kept quite small very neat.  With the exception of the very bold who might have a handlebar mustache but mostly even then it was waxed into a sleek form.
*By the way… It was a progressive time even for men.  Sometimes even the men wore make-up. Even Valentino wore loads of it.


Gladrags for boys:         
Things changed a lot for men’s cloting in the 1920’s. Unlike earlier years men were able to relax and wear more comfortable clothing! After World War I men started to take a more relaxed look at life. Instead of changing from one heavy, fussy suit to another, they found simpler suits that met the needs of the entire day. The long jackets that they wore earlier were now only used for formal occasions. In the daytime shorter suit jackets with higher waists, were worn often with belts. Double breasted suits became popular. Lapels got thinner and the jackets were worn buttoned quite high on the chest. The trousers high in the waist and had straight and narrow legs, and were worn rather short. It was okay for the socks to show! By the second half of the decade rousers got fuller and developed a crisp crease down the front.  Tuxedos were popular for evening wear.

 Accessories were the most important and they made the man! Ties and bow-ties were a significant part of his wardrobe with the bow tie being extremely popular. Ties were made of silk or knit and were thin with classical designs and stripes. Men wore hats or caps. Styles like the fedora either made from felt or straw, the Panama, bowlers and pork pies were popular. Two-toned shoes with were the rage.

Some modern college students did not wear suits. They wore sweaters with a shirt, bow tie and trousers that had very wide legs called “Oxford bags”.



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